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Silence Kills

November 17th 2012 in General

French versionSince few weeks past, I work to my next “big” theater project. Big because it is in my heart. I like to often say that it is the project of my life. I was born to make it, after I can die in peace! Without even revealing the exact title, it deals with the theme of “the futility policy of a tyrannicide”. I think with a Google search you can guess what it is.
Yesterday I received in my email box, the Forum program of solidarity with the Syrian resistance which will take place this Monday at Centquatre center in Paris: “Silence Kills”. Another email from the team led of Jean Joël Le Chapelain. I would put it in the trash folder when I read “solidarity with the resistance”. And then I thought, “Oh! Artists are finally re-started!” One time I thought they supported the “rebels” (as in Libya), but fortunately it is support for the Syrian people to feel citizens of the world. “Citizen of the World” reminded me of course my 20 years! Will they create a cultural corridor with Syria as Sarajevo in 1994? Not yet, apparently… they will discuss, inform audiences and make this event a mobilization against the horror.

So maybe going on to learn why France is not planning any action against the Syrian regime in an article on TV5 Monde, you could read the words on a former Syrian dictator responsible for relations with foreign intelligence agencies to the Libyan National Transitional Council. I quote: “In exchange,” the denunciation of Gaddafi, the dictator “Paris had obtained the promise to reduce international pressure on Syria to stop the repression against the people in revolt.” It would be nice that in this forum some explanations on this subject are expressed.
Then later in the program, they speak as they spoke autumn Syrian as Arab Spring with the role played by Internet. But meanwhile French companies sold their products widespread surveillance. What is he really the Syrian people as to its true digital freedoms? Again there would be a lot of responses.
Then after about the people who are suffering, it is also, and that is not very far Bahrain.
I can only hope for peace in all the camps. It must be kept in mind that killing a dictator is not the solution. Everything must come from the people themselves. We, in our role of interference (if it goes further than just forum), we must allow each nation to have access to health, education, and culture. There come the insights… and we, we must accept their own development, their own pace, their choices.


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