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Showreel 2013

June 13th 2013 in Videos

French versionEvery three years and that since 2007, I am pleased to introduce my third Showreel as an actor.


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Since 2007 I present my “Follower Mime” event. Everywhere you welcomes me, museum, party, fair, holidays village, awards, end of season… I “sever punishment”! It is very nicely of course to follow a person to imitate his walk, his actions for the biggest treat of observers witnessed this childish act! Here is the latest video […]

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The progress of my next theater project, I named Laurenzaccio is the Scope. I am currently in the process of writing together Lorenzaccio written by Alfred de Musset and Une conspiration en 1537 by George Sand. Currently the text is 20 pages for five acts and 14 scenes by activating 29 characters. Here is the […]

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