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Happy Year end 2010!

December 25th 2010 in General

French versionThis is my last article for 2010. I have not been very active on this blog, but promise you that for 2011 it will be quite different. 2010 was for me quite varied.

With @ amariel7 and Mathieu PEYRARD in lighting design for... Twitpic

Here’s what I took away… With Anne-Marie Laussat and Mathieu Peyrard we worked on our next mime show “Mr Alone.” If all goes well, the first performances are scheduled for October 2011. Then I turned in commercials for the CIC and PMU. It was a delight to shoot for Barney Cokeliss! I played for the theater in Paris and Nantes in “Le mariage nuit gravement à la santé (The marriage seriously damages health)”. It was a play of Boulevard… a new theatrical genre for me. I had the pleasure of making a scene with Karin Viard in “La nuit je mens (The night I lie)”, the next film by Pierre Pinaud. I had the pleasure and honor to see my devil character on the American poster of “Micmacs” by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

I'm on the U.S. poster! (Release scheduled for late May Micmacs Twitpic...

2010 is also the year of the creation of my community website dedicated to the art of mime: I am pleased to have achieved this project dream since 2008. 26 mimes have so far registered. Thank you to them for their confidence and interest. I expect more in 2011 when the site is open to everyone and that the beta will be validated. I hope that this site (built using the open-source) a real database for mime and a meeting place for professional visual theater. Good news Centre du Nouveau Mime is favorable to the label of the site.

To live, my referees are some sites like (data-journalism) or wikileaks (who needs no introduction as well publicized since November)… platforms built on a new way of thinking our civilization. Without the existence of such citizen initiatives, our world would be very poor with the “old” fighting for their business (Bettencourt, Karachi, and so on…), their autism (in France the pensions reform), their desire domineering and morbid fear of differences (Loppsi 2). It is true that our initiatives and projects are the despair of our elders who rule us again. Indeed, they represent the future society we want and we build. Where, unfortunately for our leaders, their old way of understanding the world has no place.

That is, the 2010 flap will close. I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy Year end.


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