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Showreel 2018

August 25th 2018 in Showreel

French versionI hope you’re having a great summer. In a few days it’s the beginning of this 2018/2019 Season… so I prepared myself and concocted my new 2018 Showreel as a Mime artist, Clown and Actor. I also make new resolutions. With my FairePhone Open, I have to be more ethical. So I subscribed to La Mère Zaclys, opened a profile on Mastodon and posted my videos on PeerTube! Here is the result:

I wish you a good viewing and a Happy New Season!

Mime showreel 2018
Extracts of:
“Le Mime” Arthur Laloux
“Mona Lisa Cowboy” Atsushi Ogata and Emmanuel Sapolsky
“The Tramp” Anne-Marie Laussat
“Cœurs de vie” Jean-Pierre Villaret
“Living Statue” Ville de Riedisheim (France – 68)
“Heineken” Dante Ariola

Clown showreel 2018
Extract of:
“Laurenzaccio” Quentin Herlemont

Actor showreel 2018
Extracts of:
“Le Malentendu” Jean-Christophe Hadamar
“Quick” Émile Sornin
“Tweet Detective” Clément Pillet and Julien Arnardi
“La Baguette” Yohann Perchoc
“GiFi” Sébastien Renardet and Charles Hennequin
“Delko” Jan Belletti
“Les aventures de Spirou et Fantasio” Alexandre Coffre
“Jack Line” Stéphane Esse

Musics by Mathilde Sternat
“Méditations Hébraïques”
“Prélude Suite N° 1” Jean-Sébastien Bach

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