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“La Crosse en l’Air” | 1997

February 1st 2019 in Shows, Videos French version

The company “Le Bateau Ivre” which has been producing my plays for more than 25 years has just invested in a new NAS. The capacity of the hard disk is enormous in order to allow the digitization of past theatrical creations. This is the oldest one we have filmed and that I just published on PeerTube. It is “La Crosse en l’Air” written in 1936 by Jacques Prévert created on January 13, 1996. The recording that you will be able to admire is signed Jean-Luc Dufour during the 30th performance on November 15, 1997. This was our first season at Espace Saint-Jean in Melun (77). The spectators were not numerous (about twenty) but of quality (admire the listening and participation!). It will only be in 2000, when we will do (after two years of work for that) a full house.

“La Crosse en l’Air” is my second solo performance. I was coming out of Mime Marceau’s Mime school and wanted as much physical and vocal expression as I did. With my gaze today, I find myself very well bodily, very rich and very precise. I was at the top. On the other hand, vocally, I am very approximate. I have made a lot of progress with Philippe Caubère’s Le Roman d’un Acteur (1998 – 2001) and today with Laurenzaccio.

“La Crosse en l’Air” is my theatrical revenge on a nationalist and fundamentalist universe. It is my artistic and humanist manifesto from my youth. My political break with the state was beginning to show. The Vigipirate plan had just been created a few years earlier. It was beginning to reduce our living space of movement and thought. There was also the Saint-Bernard church and the undocumented ones… “You don’t go into churches with an axe.” as The Wriggles used to say. At that time, there was no solidarity crime yet, but I already knew, like Lorenzino de Médicis, that “the fools are behind the walls of the palace.” ! I am a little harsh, but between 1997 and 2019, the only time I was proud of a policy was on February 14, 2003. Dominique de Villepin made his masterful speech to the United Nations Security Council opposing the Iraq war. In 22 years, a single brilliant political fact is a little light, all the same… Nevertheless, I wish you a good film:


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